Board Review: ZEPHYR | On Tour with How To SUP with Your Pup / Paddling Standing | Tahoe SUP

Board Review: ZEPHYR | On Tour with How To SUP with Your Pup / Paddling Standing

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The Standup Paddle Boarding adventures of Maria Schultz aka, How To Sup With Your Pup, continue as her squad recently headed to the Lake Erie area of New York. With her four legged friends in tow, Maria explored the various waters of the the Empire State, as always, with her two, four legged best friends on board.

A big thanks to Maria for the valuable feedback on our gear and this useful review of her Tahoe SUP ZEPHYR.

From her blog:

“Unlike other bags, the Tahoe SUP board bag was easy to get the board in and out of. It also really stood up to the elements — it’s pretty heavy duty! The shoulder strap made it easy to carry the board from the car to the beach, which was a nice change. Sometimes when I’ve got two anxious Aussies pulling on their leashes, toting a board, paddle, and dry bag can be tricky. But with a shoulder strap I was able to carry everything a little more easily and set the board down when I needed to give my shoulders a break. I’m always picky about where I set my board for fear of scratches and scuffs. Having a bag means there’s always a safe spot.

The dogs and I had a blast paddling in western New York with our Zephyr. We paddled on windy Lake Erie and explored the Caribbean-like sea cliffs. As we paddled out into the lake, the wind picked up and we had to deal with a bit of chop. I was pleasantly pleased with how well the Zephyr stood up to those conditions. The nose cut through the rollers, and the water went over the nose, along the rails, and off the board. I’ve had boards that allow water to collect on the deck, adding weight, but that didn’t happen with this board!

Another thing I noticed was how much easier it felt to maintain my course. Boards with thick square rails get pushed around more. With more surface area on the rails, the wind can catch them more making it harder to hold your course. The Zephyr’s lower volume and smaller rounded rails helped us paddle more easily in the wind.

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The Zephyr reviewed

The Zephyr, of course, really shines in calm, flat water, and we encountered plenty of that. We floated under train bridges and along quiet creeks and streams. Western New York has no shortage of fun places to explore via SUP. We even got to check off a bucket list destination when we paddled on the Erie Canal out of Rochester. In all these places and water conditions the Zephyr handled everything— even two dogs – with ease. I’m really glad we brought this board along on our trip, and I’m happy to report that, with the bag, it came home in as good of shape as it left!”

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