Dreams come true when you vacation with your Paddleboard

Dreams come true when you vacation with your Paddle Board / Paddleboard Rental

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The Tahoe SUP Alpine Explorer inflatables are making vacation dreams come true as our customers enjoy the ease of throwing them in the car or checking them in on flights.  The completely portable Explorer rolls up into a comfortable back pack and is ready to join you on your next adventure.  Don’t leave home without it.

“Hi Tahoe SUP! –  I took my Tahoe SUP inflatable on a vacation to Aruba and wanted to share a couple of pics. I was the only person paddling in the area, as we were away from the main tourist area where they rent paddleboards. The ocean was a little choppy with a good current but my Tahoe handled it no problem. While I was paddling, I ran into the owner of the Aruba paddle school who really liked my board after trying it out and thought it would be a good option for his rental fleet.”

“A cruise ship anchored just down the coast and and it was amazing to paddle out and alongside the ship.  It felt like an experience of a lifetime and Im looking forward to the next chance to travel with my inflatable.  I Love my Tahoe!”

            -Rita Casciano
tahoe sup, vacation, aruba, inflatable, sup, paddle, dreams
Tahoe SUP, vacation, aruba, paddle, sup, inflatable, dreams
11′ Alpine Explorer
Our lightest, most portable stand up paddleboard, the inflatable Alpine Explorer, has been logging air miles, hiking to remote lakes, setting sail on boats, packed into cars and slung over horses backs around the world. Featuring our TruTrack™ technology, the Alpine Explorer solves all your storage and transportation issues, while delivering the touring board experience found in all our Tahoe SUP boards. Everything you need tucks into the convenient, comfortable backpack so when your not on the move, it stores nicely out of the way.
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