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Ultimate Survival Alaska Testing Out A New Paddle Board

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SUP Research and Development in Alaska

Longtime Tahoe SUP team member, Lel Tone, knows a bit about being resourceful.   The Heli-Ski Guide, Avalanche Forecaster and Avalanche Educator for Squaw Valley Ski Patrol, spent this past summer competing in National Geographic’s Ultimate Survival Alaska TV series, airing January 4th.  With some down time between filming race stages, Tone and fellow cast members, Dallas Seavey and Jared Ogden got a hankerin’  for some paddling while on Kodiak Island.

With a block of foam off an old floating dock and a plank of cedar that they sanded down for a fin, the USS Stone was christened and launched.  “We had done a lot of pack rafting, climbing, dog sledding, pretty heavy situations during the races”, said Tone. “But I was really starting to miss my time standup paddling on Lake Tahoe.  The foam block was perfect, a little narrow at 17″ wide and Dallas and Jared helped with the fin sanding.  The good ole USS Stone did pretty well in a pinch and got me out exploring the beautiful Kodiak coastline.”

Tone has previously been featured in the 2011 Warren Miller film “Like There is No Tomorrow” and the Tahoe SUP EXPLORE Project: Klamath River.  Outside Magazine nominated Tone as “World’s Top 10 Guides” in 2014.  Tone also enjoys mountain biking, kite surfing, yoga and staying fit for whatever the next adventure brings.

About Ultimate Survival

Ultimate Survival Alaska begins it’s third season on National Geographic on January 4th.  The race features 12 of the world’s toughest outdoorsmen and women, facing off against each other, Mother Nature, and their own will to survive.  The fight to the finish isn’t about money or a prize, its about pushing the limits of human endurance.  The four teams of three compete in 13 stages this season, with only 60 hours to make it from start to finish, surviving off the land with only the gear on their backs. No GPS, No phones, No mercy.

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  • Barry

    Hi i am going to have a google of the ultimate alaska survival in a minute once i have left this comment. I live in the uk and havnt heard about it. Your off the wall paddleboard of a block of foam and a plank. Reminded me of a sled we made for sledding down the shingle beach where we live. We live at Dungeness point one of the largest shingle banks in the world and at low water you can go from high waters mark all the way down the shingle bank in to the water at the bottom. we used some pvc fascia boards that you use for cladding your house strapped them together and off we went

    great fun Barry

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