• Best Fishing Standup Paddle Board


  • Three Chamber catamaran design
  • 12′ long x 34″ wide
  • Capacity of 500 pounds
  • An optional Made in America Trolling Motor Mount System

    • The basic system includes:

    Transom mount bracket
    NOCO® battery box
    Battery box mount
    2x RAM® Tough Balls
    Paddle holders
    Docking cleats
    3ft Shock Docking Rope

    • Add an optional Made in America Kill Switch 

  • Eight threaded inserts that support most RAM® Mount accessories
  • Dual truTrack™ front fins
  • Dual detachable impact resistant rear fins
  • Multiple D-rings for accessories or to secure your cooler
  • Four rugged handles
  • Dual station high volume pump
  • Travel bag
  • Add a carbon paddle at a reduced price
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Fish Stalker – Inflatable Fishing Standup Paddle Board

The 2019 Fish Stalker has a long list of new features including a trolling motor mount system. This package includes not only a transom mount made of marine-grade stainless steel and marine-grade high-density polyethylene but also a battery box system that incorporates a NOCO® battery box to secure your battery. The system comes with port and starboard docking cleats, an elastic shock docking rope, 2x RAM® Tough balls, and even a paddle holder. Just add your trolling motor and marine-grade battery (not included) and hit the water.

Click here for more information on the Trolling Motor Mount System.

The Paddle Fishing world has taken on a whole new perspective with a compact and portable vessel that opens up endless possibilities for on water access. The Fish Stalker inflatable, nicknamed the iStalker, has a unique catamaran hull giving it superior stability without taking away from an efficient, effortless glide. It’s perfect for sneaking into your favorite honey holes. Pack on a cooler and you are ready for a day long solo session. Customize your rig using the included RAM® Mount Tough Balls and have all your gear at your fingertips. Or, leave it all at home and enjoy the simple side of a day in the outdoors on your Fish Stalker.

The Fish Stalker is configured with six 8mm inserts that are compatible with RAM® Tough Balls that allow you to rig your board with whatever RAM® mount you desire. Up front there are four D-ring attachment points in a 15″ square pattern for fitting all our custom accessories. Aft, there is also a four D-ring setup to secure a cooler, positioned for a perfect seat. Inflatable military grade PVC is used in the construction of the Fish Stalker; the same material and construction as a Zodiac.

Travel, Fishing, Touring, Family
CONSTRUCTION 3D Drop Stitch Inflatable Technology
Dual TRUtrac fin system
Front / Rear D-Rings + (8) Ram Mount insert, GoPro, (2) Scotty Mounts
DURABILITY: 10 of 10
SPEED: 4 of 10
STABILITY: 10 of 10
CAPACITY: 500 lbs.


Best Fishing SUP

Our unique catamaran hull design allows for maximum stability yet efficient glide. Take your fins off, no problem, our Tri-Hull design still tracks amazing and allows travel into shallow honey holes.


Drop Stitch PVC Construction

Our rugged Drop Stitch construction that allows for a highly rigid, maximum inflation of 20 psi. Also the most lightweight and durable construction in the Tahoe SUP line up of boards.


Dual Fish Stalker Rigged

Our Fish Stalker is configured with six 8mm inserts that are compatible with RAM Tough Balls that allow you to rig your board with whatever Ram mount you desire. Up front there are four D-ring attachment points in a 15″ square pattern for fitting all our custom accessories. Aft, there is a four D-ring setup to secure a cooler, positioned for a perfect seat.


Scotty mounts located on the tail for extra fishing attachments or our custom transom trolling motor mount for mounting any transom trolling motor. We found the MinKota 55 works best for optimal speed.

Basic Vs Advanced Motor Mount System

When ordering your motor mount, you can choose either the Basic Motor Mount System or the Advanced Motor Mount System.  The Basic system positions the battery box the back of the board.  The Advanced system positions the battery box at the front of the board and comes with a tethered kill switch and extension cables.

Adding an Optional Motor Mount

Battery Mounted in the Front

Battery Mounted at the Back

Adding a Motor Mount

Rigging your vessel has a lot of personal preference associated with it. At LXV Outdoor we understand that the Fish Stalker crossover stand up paddleboard/kayak inflatable vessel provides a vast list of options and uses. Paddle the unit standing up, sit down and use a kayak paddle, or attach a trolling motor and power your way. When it comes to powering the unit with a trolling motor, we have provided two options on the location of the battery box. The battery box can be installed in the rear or near the front of the Fish Stalker. Considerations such as size of motor, battery size, water conditions, and the weight of the rider and other gear need to be taken into account when deciding on the position of the battery box in order to balance the weight distribution. The Fish Stalker has a capacity of 500 lbs so capacity is not the issue but battery box location should be considered.

The optimum location for the battery box is at the front which allows for the rider to be positioned further back on the Fish Stalker. This makes operating the trolling motor easier without an extension handle. That being said the rear mount position with rider weights of 230lbs still works fine.

Battery Box At the Front 

Additional items in this kit include

  • 10ft (3m) 8 AWG marine-grade silicon coated battery cables with protection boots
  • These are preinstalled under the deck pad from front to rear
  • Connector block pre mounted to the transon Stainless steel frame bar
  • The double 5/16 blocks allow for connection of the extension cables and open posts for connecting the trolling motor power cables
  • Allows for quick and easy mounting and removal of your trolling motor

Battery Box At the Back 

  • Battery box positions the motor mount close enough to directly connect Trolling Motor power cables to the Battery
  • No Addional Cables Are provided


Adding an Optional Kill Switch

With Kill Switch Option

Connector Block


Adding a Kill Switch

Nothing ruins a day on the water more than watching your boat power away from you well you are bobbing up and down in the lake.

The kill switch mounts to the motor mount stainless steel frame bar. A standard SUP ankle leash has a primary connection to the kill switch which is a simply pull pin on the positive power line from the battery and a secondary connection to the motor mount frame. Should the operator become separated from the iStalker the primary connection will disconnect the positive terminal power from the battery disabling the motor. The secondary connection will maintain a connection to the vessel ensuring that the rider does not get separated from the unit well in the water.

This kill switch works with any battery powered motor without requiring any modification to your motor that could affect performance or warranty. Easily connect your battery and trolling motor to the Connector Block.

The Kill Switch Kit includes the following

  • The Kill Switch Block is preinstalled on the transom’s stainless steel frame
  • The Kill switch Block contains 5/16″ double terminals to connect to the battery and the trolling motor power cables
  • Angle leash and tether strap

If you have select a Rear Battery location, you will be provided with a 4 foot (1.2m) 8 AWG marine-grade silicon coated battery cables

No Kill Switch 
If you select a front battery location, your Fish Stalker will come with Connector Block in place of the Kill Switch

Trolling Motor Mount – Basic vs Advanced Kit


Paddle Board SUPACK™

Best SUP Dry Bag 2019

SUPack™ – A water resistant paddle board deckbag that goes from your back to your board in a snap. Featuring a paddle holder, water resistant storage, a device pocket and an external bottle holder, the SUPack™ is everything you need for all day adventures.

Paddle Board Cargo Net Bungee System

Best Bungee Cargo Net SUP 2019

Finally, an expandable Standup Paddle Board bungee system that securely holds all your gear. The custom made paddle board CARGO NET clips directly to our boards or our Stick-On Deck Plugs. This cargo net bungee system is the perfect tie down for all sorts of gear, on any adventure.

Paddle Board Three Piece Traveler Paddle

Best Adjustable SUP Paddle

This three piece adjustable paddle is perfect for traveling with your inflatable.  This paddle sports a fiberglass shaft with a durable injection molded blade.

Paddle Board Coil Leash

Best SUP Ankle Leash

A stand up paddle board coil leash perfect for all your SUP adventures.


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