Celebrating 10 Years of Touring Standup Paddle Boards | Tahoe SUP

Celebrating 10 Years of Touring Standup Paddle Boards

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Exploring Beautiful Lake Tahoe and its 72-miles of rugged lake-shores served as the inspiration for the touring standup paddle board brand Tahoe SUP.

Founder, Nate Brouwer first tried standup paddle board surfing on the mellow waves of a locals-only break while visiting Southern California in February of 2008. After a few attempts at catching waves, he found himself more interested in exploring the coastal cliffs with his dog, Stella. He quickly realized this oversized surfboard did not have the capacity nor efficiency in design for flat-water paddling outside of surf zone.

Later, As he returned home to Truckee, Brouwer began to formulate the concept for the flat-water specific paddle board, ideal for use on the waterfront wilderness of Lake Tahoe, calm oceans, or inland waterways. With Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake as the testing grounds, it was Brouwer’s love of the outdoors and drive for adventure that set the course for the Tahoe SUP brand. In the creation of a new discipline of the sport, he distinguished a difference by applying the word “Touring” to standup paddle boarding, and the first boards went into production later that year.

These touring standup paddle boards formally unveiled at the January 2009 Surf Expo in Orlando Florida.

“Dealers and other manufacturers were very intrigued by the concept and design of the boards,” said Brouwer. “The organic and functional look of the Tahoe SUP boards really stood out against the other surf specific brands present. We got lots of questions, stares, and some chuckles, too. But, Tahoe SUP was completely different than what everyone else was used to seeing. Flat-water recreational paddling wasn’t a consideration then, especially by the existing SUP surfing brands.”

Brouwer had spent the previous 10-years building and operating the snowboard clothing company, NJB. This trial and error process of entrepreneurship lead him to learn about design, development, and production.

“I felt there was really something magical about standup paddling,” Brouwer said. “And after making a few prototypes and paddling them around places like Donner Lake and Lake Tahoe, I was convinced.”

On one of those early paddle sessions on Donner Lake, he came upon a mother bear and her cub swimming. “They weren’t really headed anywhere, just swimming around for fun,” Brouwer said. “They were cruising around with us for about a half-hour. It was unreal, kinda like having a whale come up next to you in the ocean.”

known as the originator and innovator of the SUP touring market. With a list of patents and industry firsts, Brouwer has refined the current board models to be the ultimate combination of performance, style, and quality. Tahoe SUP also has a full line of custom accessories that includes paddles, fins, packs and the Buddy Pad (a custom pad for dogs to sit inspired by his original paddle partner, Stella).

The pioneering spirit, in conjunction with high quality, and artistic stylization put forth in each of the different board models in production, is backed by a commitment to customer service that has grown tremendous product loyalty and brand recognition.


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