Sara Dondelinger | Tahoe SUP
Sara DondelingerTahoe Sup Ambassador

Sarah Dondelinger grew up in a small town in Northern California called Foresthill, positioned next to the Tahoe National Forest. Spending many years living in the wilderness, Sarah grew to love the outdoors and all that it has to offer. Sarah got on her first paddleboard over 9 years ago on Lake Tahoe but learned proper technique and racing skills on one of the first Tahoe SUP boards in 2008.

After studying Marine Biology and Earth Science in Santa Cruz, Sarah began working as the project manager for UCSC’s Kayak Department as a SUP fitness trainer and instructor for Kayak Connection, and as an animal care staff for the Marine Mammal Physiology Project. Stand Up Paddling for Sarah, means freedom and willingness to make the sport whatever you want it to be. Whether it is rolling around in the surf, racing, or watching a pod of whales feed, paddle boarding brings Sarah a connection to the world around her.

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