Kristen Kempt | Tahoe SUP
Kristen KemptTahoe Sup Ambassador
    Living in possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth, Kristen has called the Tahoe area home since 2005. Water is important in her daily life. Whether paddling majestic Lake Tahoe or climbing the snow-covered Sierras on her splitboard, you’ll always see her smiling and feel her infectious positive energy. Paddle boarding has become Kristen’s summer time routine for the past four years. She is on the water most mornings exploring new places and paddling her heart out. Her absolute favorite are SUP tours where she packs all she needs in dry bags, loads her board and sets off with friends on overnight paddle adventures.
    Kristen’s true passion is seen in her business, Cultural Threads. Her dream is to support the culture of the country she fell in love with, Peru. Every year, she spends time in the Andes working with local communities to help sustain ancient traditions. Visit to learn more and see how she is changing the world.
    Watch or read about her latest adventure.

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