John Soberal | Tahoe SUP
John SoberalTahoe Sup Ambassador

While some may fear the ocean, John is drawn to it. Weather it’s a calm day or time to sup surf, he is often spotted open ocean paddling in the South Bay of Los Angeles. When he’s not out paddling himself, he’s helping other athletes get back into the water as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. His passion to paddle extends beyond himself and his work, volunteering in the SUP community to bring the sport to those with handicaps or who are less fortunate. Always trying to break new boundaries, he is currently training for an extensive SUP River Expedition in the Arctic Circle of Alaska.


Boards of choice:

12′ Inflatable Alpine Explore (Hiking and Traveling)

12’6″ Zephyr Performance Touring (Distance Paddling)

11′ PaddleCraft (Balance training)

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