Aubree Mcatee | Tahoe SUP
Aubree McateeTahoe Sup Ambassador
Aubree grew up below the Sierra Nevedas separated by a line of suburban lifestyle and the country. Luckily she had the land to explore, to learn from through failures and successes. Her life always had a constancy of water. As a young child she learned how to swim before she could walk due to the excellence of a city swim program. That confidence allowed her take her exploration to new levels.
The pond in her backyard served as the perfect playground for experimentation. Whether it was building rafts out of scrap wood or swimming back and forth to the island, it engraved a sense of comfort, joy and connection with water and its capabilities. As she grew, Aubree was always drawn to water and where it could take her. She now realizes that water has given  much to her life in so many ways. It brought her careers, took her through high school sports like water polo and swimming, led her through college playing polo and competing in triathlons and an Ironman. Aubrey believes she is a perfect example of how teaching a child to swim or giving them the power of comfort in and around water is beautiful, moving and defining.
When paddle boarding came into her life, the puzzle came together. She had a new way to see and feel water, giving hera sense of determination to seek and explore new places. It ignited a passion and deeper connection with the ability to connect to nature.
Leaving the comfort of California and the states, Aubree has moved South. She now lives in the Aysén region of Chile building a National Park, discovering new challenges and seeing what the children of the region can teach her about living in a wild place that is filled with hidden lagoons, lakes and rivers that only one can see with a sense of determination, strength and drive. Now she is working on educational programs and running the Programa Apoyo Pedagógico with Coservación Patagónica. Learning to be part of this ecosystem and exploring the glacier-fed rivers that run toward the pacific ocean. Aubree spends a lot of time gliding upon their turquoise blue water that happens to be some of the purest in the world. This has given her a new perception and dimension to her love for water. Aubrey’s days are now filled with teaching, building Parque Patagonia, exploring on horseback to paddle and discover new bodies of water and running rivers that deepen her connection with this ecosystem and its holdings.

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