Tahoe SUP founder, Nate Brouwer, named #2 in Top Ten Shapers of the Year | Tahoe SUP

Tahoe SUP founder, Nate Brouwer, named #2 in Top Ten Shapers of the Year

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(Reno, Nevada)  SUP Connect, a social network website for the sport of Standup Paddling (SUP), has named Tahoe SUP founder, Nate Brouwer, #2 on the their list of Top SUP Shapers of 2010.  Votes and comments were compiled through their website and facebook pages to narrow down the field of 42 shapers from around the world.
“I have tons of respect for the industry veterans on this list and it’s a real honor to be recognized as one of the top shapers in the industry” said Brouwer.
The sport of  SUP, frequently referred to as the fastest growing sport in the world, has very close ties to the sport of surfing as many surfing companies have made the switch to manufacturing standup paddleboards.  So it is no surprise that the SUP industry epicenter is in coastal Southern California, where the surfing culture is based.
But what has allowed SUP to explode in popularity is that the activity does not have to take place in the ocean.  The “touring” aspect of the sport and the board designs of Tahoe SUP have opened up new avenues and waterways for people to recreate on.  Unlike the usual surfboard shaped SUP, Tahoe SUP’s are designed with displacement hull technology that creates the gliding experience that covers more distance per each paddle stroke.  With increased volume for carrying gear and stability of each Tahoe SUP model of board, SUP’s are being used for exploring and expeditions all over the world’s inland lakes and waterways.

Lake Tahoe served as the inspiration for Brouwer who saw SUP surfing for the first time while visiting Southern California and when he returned home to Tahoe and the expansive beauty of the Lake, the seed was planted.  “I love being out on the water surrounded by the majestic Sierra’s”, said Brouwer.  “It’s pure inspiration.”
Brouwer has been regarded as an innovator in the SUP industry by breaking the mold and setting Tahoe SUP on its own path.  “I am stoked to receive such praise for my designs and my vision for Tahoe SUP,” said Brouwer. “Our team is dedicated to building the best SUP touring boards on the planet and this award just raised the bar for us.”

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