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5 SUP Trips for Your Summer of Travel

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Ever since we introduced the notion and unique shapes of Standup Paddleboards built for exploring the world of water outside the surf zone in 2008, we have paddled a lot of places.  What began with the adventures of our Explore Project Team is continued today by our passionate group of ambassadors who live to paddle and inspire us to design the ultimate touring boards.

With summer vacation upon us, travel plans are bubbling to the surface. We can’t help letting our minds drift back over a few of the best places we dropped our boards into. A small sample indeed but today they are the first ones to come gliding down memory lane.

The Dry Tortugas

The Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida sits 70 miles due west of Key West and although best to catch a boat ride out there, the marine environment is very unique.  The 19th century Fort Jefferson, and the 1875 wreck of the Windjammer are a couple of the attractions.

Tahoe SUP founder, Nate Brouwer recalls the trip.

“Paddling in the Tortugas was amazing.  The water clarity is beautiful, lots of marine life, a ton of rays, black tip sharks, nurse sharks, bottle nose dolphin,  barracuda. The guys speared Hogfish for dinner which was delicious grilled over the campfire. The best tasting fish ever!”


Santa Catalina Island

Resting off the Southern California coast, Santa Catalina Island has been a symbol of escape and adventure for centuries.  From early Explorers who cherished the safety of its harbors, to modern day vacationers, Catalina Island possesses the ability to transport its visitors much further than the 22 nautical miles it takes to get there from L.A   The iconic harbor town, befittingly named Avalon , from the legend of King Arthur, means Bright Gem of the Ocean.

    Because of the allure of this jewel, Catalina was the first choice for our Explore Project.  We set sail for the fabled shores and paddled along some of the island’s 52 miles of coastline. Great stories and memories came out of this trip and we have most of them documented in this short video

Klamath River

The Klamath River winds through some remarkable territory in Northern California on its way to the ocean just south of the Oregon boarder.  The visit was in early November and the gang got a taste of the heavy nature of the zone. From the field notes of team member Ronnie Ayres:

“Experiencing a Temperate Rainforest for the first time was blowing my mind how similar some small nooks can look to the Tropical Rainforests on Maui that I am so familiar with.  Dave was confirming that with his horticulture expertise and his knowledge of Kauai where he grew up.  Certain areas would draw us to the shore to just sit amidst the scenery and soak in what we were seeing and tune in to the vibration that felt like it was emanating from every rock, tree and raindrop.

    The trance of the last couple of days of river SUPing was in full effect.  The Klamath River squashed me under its imposing beauty and potential strength.  Paddling under the canopy of 300ft Redwoods has a way of making you feel rather insignificant.”

Springs of Florida

Florida is silly with freshwater springs that pump out millions of gallons of freshwater every day. This creates an ecosystem like none other. Manatees abound and the cool water is awesome on a hot Summer day.

With 300+ year old Cypress trees draped in Spanish Moss, the stage is set for one of the most unique paddling experiences. Weaving and bobbing through the gnarled branches just adds to the fun. Paddling on the Springs is a surreal experience as schools of fish are herded underneath the paddle boards that seem to float in the air and Wood Storks, Herons and Osprey lurk in the branches looking at the menu.

Travel Ready Inflatable Boards

Lake Tahoe

A place where the dirt is almost as fresh as the air. And the air is as crisp and clear as the water. Where peace is easy to find. And war on your limits is easy to wage. Where sweat baptizes believers. And mass is often held alone. Where one deep breath can leave you at one. But so can a thousand.

A Mecca of outdoor adventure with a swelling stand up paddleboard community. Home to world-class athletes who call it home because one moment they can find their center and the next they can go hardcore.

A place of balance.

The perfect birthplace and namesake of a company centered on balance–in life and on the water. A company that crafts its boards with the essence of all that Lake Tahoe means in mind. So when you are on one, no matter where you are, you are here.

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