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Standup Paddling for a new perspective on Memorial Tree

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When Debbie Giorsetto of Napa ,CA purchased her Tahoe SUP Rubicon last winter she knew exactly where she would paddle it for the first time.  Just outside of Reno, NV lies the Sparks Marina and Park where Giorsetto’s family had dedicated a tree in memorial to her Father.  The tree sits directly on the water and she wanted  her very first time on a Standup board to be under its outstretched branches,

tahoe, sup

Debbie glides under her Dad’s tree as Mom looks on

filled with the memories of love and support her Father had provided.

We joined Debbie at the Marina to witness the special day in early Spring.

“I was kinda nervous about my maiden voyage! Getting my board together, taking my time, making sure I had everything, I am sure it will be a ritual I look forward to when going paddling”, said Giorsetto.  ” I took a walk to my Dad’s tree. I cleaned off the brass plaque marker. Between the sunshine and my memories of so many years of love and support from him, I walked away from there with a big smile. I knew then my first paddle would be good.”

tahoe sup, tahoe, sup

The Maiden Voyage

Giorsetto was accompanied by her Mom on shore, following with the camera to document the day. “Having my Mom there today as my support team meant so much. We take good care of each other. Always. She even tried to take pictures of me and is a complete stranger to a camera!  I felt so fortunate to have the guys from Tahoe SUP there to offer help and encouragement and helped me with my foot placement.  Standing and paddling felt so free. It was as beautiful as I had imagined. To stand, paddle and glide on water is completely calming. It made me feel strong and free.”

tahoe, sup

Debbie and her Mom

“I am already planning where and when and how I can paddle again. My Dad would have been proud of me for trying something new. He believed in his children and always encouraged us to learn and try new things and have fun. I miss him. I hope to raise my daughter the same way.”

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