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frequently asked questions

Should I get a “fixed length” paddle or “adjustable” paddle?

You should consider a couple of factors when deciding on a fixed or adjustable paddle. The fixed length paddle is best for when the paddle will only be used by one person and you have decided on your optimum length paddle. Adjustable paddles are best when multiple people of varying heights will be using the paddle and its a great way to find what size paddle is best for you.

There is a copyright sticker dated 2009 on my board. What does that mean?

TAHOE SUP applied for and was granted a design copyright on its board shapes in 2009. This is the legal copyright date, not the year that the board was manufactured. The year of manufacture is part of the serial number on the bottom if the board, near the fin box.

What is your return policy?

Paddle boards are only returnable if it has been determined, while the freight company is present on delivery, that the board has been damaged during delivery.  Boxes should be inspected fully for any indication that the contents may have been damaged.  If there is any reason to suspect the board may be damaged, the packing materials should be removed and board inspected in the presence of delivery driver.  If damage is discovered, the freight form needs to read “all boxes and product visibly damaged” and the board must be sent back with driver.

Open Air Dynamics is not responsible for any return freight costs if the delivering company leaves the delivery
What is your warranty policy?

Please go to to view the complete warranty policy related to Tahoe SUP brand of products

When can I expect my board and accessories if ordering online?

Your board should arrive within 7 days. If you ordered accessories, they are shipped from our warehouse in Reno, Nevada and they should also arrive within 7 days of your order

What type of care will my paddle board require?

We like to tell everyone that damage to your board rarely happens while paddling but while getting ready or when your done paddling.  So carrying the board, taking it on and off the roof of your car, negotiating corners, etc.  All of this is greatly reduced when your board is kept in a bag.  Be aware of windy conditions that exist when carrying your board as the large and lightweight nature of standup paddle boards are very susceptible to the wind.

Boards with Carbon Fiber elements (Tahoe SUP brand) should not be kept in direct sunlight when not in use.  Even a cooler but sunny day can heat the darker colored boards.  Damage due to heat exposure is NOT covered under warranties.  Keep your board in a bag or out of direct sunlight when not in us

Where should I be standing on the board when paddling?

The handle on the board is placed in the center balance spot of the board.  The handle can be used as a general guideline where to place your feet depending on your weight and the conditions will determine when you move around on the board.

Your feet should be shoulder width and the knees should be bent in an athletic stance, not locked.  Lowering your center of gravity will create a more stable experience while standup paddling.

Which way should I hold the paddle?

All Tahoe SUP and Odyssey SUP paddles have an angle in the blade where it meets the shaft of the paddle.  The blade should be angled forward of your paddling directi

How do I install the fin?

Slip the metal plate into the center slot of the fin box and slide it all the way to the front of the box using a screwdriver. Insert the back of the fin into the center slot and slide the fin to the desired position. Normally this will be right at the back of the fin box for flat water paddling as it ensures straighter tracking. However the board is a little harder to turn so place the fin more forward in the box for fun in the surf. Push the fin down so that it is flush with the bottom of the board. Slide the metal plate so that the holes in the plate and the fin line up. Insert the screw and tighten until snug.

How do I size my new paddle?

The general rule of thumb is 8-10 inches (19-25 cm) longer than your height. Another way is to hold your arm straight up and have the paddle handle snug at your wrist.  If possible, paddling with an adjustable paddle is helpful to set the length that is most comfortable for you before sizing and cutting a fixed length paddle.  Check with your local Tahoe SUP and Odyssey SUP certified dealer for professional advice and the service of cutting fixed length paddles.

How do I know which board is right for me?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a new board.  If the board is mostly for use by one individual, then the selection can be narrowed down based on the weight capacity of the rider with allowance for carrying gear or dogs etc.  Each board capacity is listed in the board specs.  If the board is for your own personal use, then the care and treatment of the board is not in question and justifies an upgraded purchase.  Whereas if the board will be for multiple users with a variety of skill levels, then durability is the main concern and a more economic board may be best.

One of the factors that make Standup Paddling one of the fastest growing sports in the world is the quick progression most people make from beginner paddler to understanding the sport well enough to show others how to do it.  Purchase a board that is going to allow you to progress.

Or just see a certified Tahoe SUP dealer for specific, professional advice.

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