Paddler's Perspective: Arizona's Lauren Peterson finds her BLISS in the desert | Tahoe SUP

Paddler’s Perspective: Arizona’s Lauren Peterson finds her BLISS in the desert

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This Paddler’s Perspective courtesy of Lauren Peterson, paddling her Tahoe Bliss, founder of Namaste SUP.  photos: Badger Photography

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Lauren in her element

 Arizona is known for the Grand Canyon, smoldering hot summers, desert landscape, and cacti. But it seems like the last place one would expect to find Stand Up Paddling.  In 2008, I bought my first Stand Up Paddleboard and began exploring Arizona with my SUP.  My goal was to paddle as many lakes and waterways of my home as I could find. I was addicted to the hunt, I would stay up until 3am researching the next road trip.

It was here all along

 That year,  I took some of my friends to lake Powell, and Antelope Canyon in Northern Arizona. On our journey back we passed a sign that read Horseshoe Bend. A lot of cars were turning off the road to check it out. I followed the cars, and made the hike to Horseshoe Bend to see what all the fuss was about. My jaw dropped at what I saw. Being a Phoenician (Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona) I had seen the Grand Canyon multiple times in all of its glory. But to me Horseshoe bend was even more breathtaking. You couldn’t take your eyes off of its beauty.  My focus and goals of paddling all the lakes and waterways of my home state suddenly turned to the Colorado River.

bliss, sup, tahoe, tahoe sup, paddle, desert I have now had the honor of sleeping under the stars of Horseshoe Bend twice since then and these photos are from my most recent visit.   Glen Canyon is one of my favorite places to paddle my Tahoe SUP. It is a place of solitude, Bliss, and beauty. You will find wild horses, bighorn sheep, steep canyon walls, a constant 47 degrees F0 of the colorado river, petroglyphs and so much more.

  Arizona is like an onion there are many layers to this beautiful place.  Not only does it offer a beautiful desert landscape with colorful painted canyons and cacti, but it also offers lush green waterways, snowcapped mountains, pine trees, waterfalls, with about 31 lakes, 23 rivers, and 14 creeks to choose from.

~ Lauren M. Peterson

More on Lauren

Lauren Peterson created Namaste SUP in 2011, a community that brings together standup paddle yoga enthusiasts from around the world.  Combining a masters in Physical Education and her passion for teaching SUP yoga, Peterson has created a land and water based curriculum for grades K-12 that is implemented in schools world wide.  Peterson currently teaches middle school PE in Arizona where the SUP Yoga class is the students’ favorite.


bliss, sup, tahoe, tahoe sup, paddle, desert


bliss, sup, tahoe, tahoe sup, paddle, desert

Horsehoe Bend

bliss, sup, tahoe, tahoe sup, paddle, desert

Antelope Canyon



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  • Chris Dunham

    I’m glad you’re so stoked on your “bliss”! The pics are amazing and I’m sure some of us from Tahoes SUP
    will be out your way soon! I’m trying to book some demos in May & June in AZ

  • Chip Escoffier

    How do you get down to horseshoe bend? where do you put in? Do you need permits?

  • Lisa

    How did you get to the water and into HSB with your board? Is there a road that gets you close and how far in minutes/hours is the paddle? Greatly appreciate the advise

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