Tips for Paddling Together More

Tips for Paddling Together More

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Take some simple steps to incorporate your Standup Paddle Boards into your social life and increase your time on the water and your time spent together as a couple


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When you decide your paddle partner needs to cool off

1. Ice Breaker

Instead of the standard dinner or movie, how about taking a first date out for a paddle? Certainly a great conversation starter and easily find out if the chemistry is right and if this is a match to share an adventurous outdoor lifestyle. Add to the Wow Factor and pack some snacks and a blanket for taking a rest on a romantic beach or dock.  Make sure you have that spare, stable paddle board for turning on the first timer and regardless of how it goes, you still spend some time on the water!
Best paddle board for adventure dating: 


 2. Explore together

See your world from a whole new perspective from the top of  a standup paddle board!  Besides having an amazing vantage point because you are standing on the water rather than sitting down, the ease and simplicity of the SUP lifestyle will have you planning to bring your boards everywhere you go.  Our line of inflatable paddle boards have created endless travel possibilities for couples on the go. Throw them in the trunk, check them as baggage and where you end up depends on your imagination.
Perfect board for the Jet Set:



3. Get Fit

Standup Paddle Boards are being widely used as cross training tools by top athletes during the off season and are a popular choice for a fun way of dropping weight without buying a gym membership. SUP instruction classes are available everywhere you find water these days and with proper paddling technique you can be targeting your core like never before. Motivate each other to get up and get out on the water for some cardio work.  Get the heart pumping, shed some extra pounds or increase your endurance for day long exploring.
Top boards for Fitness:
Tahoe SUP Zephyr
Tahoe SUP Bliss

4. “Walk” the Dogs

They know where you are going. Turn those sad eyes into a big smile and bring them with you on your next paddle board outing!  Your Pup naturally knows how to SUP and will find the center sweet spot pretty quickly.  Let them hop off and swim along next to you for some exercise or just perch up front  enjoy the ride. A Pup on a SUP is a happy Pup!
Best accessory for dogs:
Buddy Pad




5. Camp it out

When planning your next camping trip, pick a spot on a lake where you can hop right on the boards first thing in the morning, or paddle out and take in the sunset.   If you enjoy the feeling of getting away from it all, Standup Paddle Boards give you the freedom to pack on all your camping gear, paddle in to your campsite and drop offline for a couple of days.  Spend some time together without all the noise of everyday life and create memories and stories you will have with you the rest of your life.

Gear to make it happen: TALLACCargo NetSuPack


6. Make a Life of it

Living the SUP lifestyle not only provides a deeper connection to nature, it also promotes a healthy path for your family and friends to get involved in.  Plan group outings with your friends on your local waterway or get the kids involved and watch their imaginations run wild and engage their curiosity of the world around them.  From Fishing to Yoga, paddlers are combining their love of standup paddling with other activities and smiling ear to ear while they do so.

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