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Legendary standup paddle boarder Bob Purdy tribute

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In celebration of a true legend and pioneer in Paddle Boarding culture, the Tahoe SUP team would like to recognize the life and accomplishments of Bob Purdy. 64-year old Purdy ended his battle with cancer in January of this year; he was surrounded by loved ones.

Purdy lived on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. In a quest to inspire environmental activism, he paddled and documented a consecutive 2,100 days on the water. Rain, snow, cold, and wind were not enough to stop this ennobling man on a mission to protect our planet. This dedication gained Purdy a Guiness World Record for most consecutive days paddled on a board.

Purdy believed that, “Paddlers can relate to our message because being out on the water leads to a love for your surroundings, and what we love – we will protect.”  

He used his charismatic spirit, passionate personality, and his Tahoe SUP as proponents in his mission. Purdy founded Paddle for the Planet Organization, and the World Paddle for the Planet Day. He was also the star of the film, “The Paddler”; furthering his message beyond the local community.

“Back on day 1,000 when asked how long I would continue to paddle everyday, I said ‘as long as my health holds or until we actually change the way we live on the planet,’” a dedicated Purdy said.

Held at Kelowna’s Rotary Beach, a memorial paddle took place to pay tribute to the Okanagan’s best-known paddle boarder. Many inspired individuals were in attendance to show respect and honor for Purdy and his avidity to “bringing people together to change the way we live on the planet.”

“He was an amazing man. He was so inspirational, and just everybody loved him,” his sister, Barb Purdy, said.

This Tahoe SUP ambassador’s mission will live on through the people who were impacted by his gentle, loving and philanthropic soul. Purdy’s Paddle for the Planet Day will continue with the mission: to unite paddlers around the world for a one-day global relay event, held in an effort to raise environmental awareness and give something back to our waters.

Remembering Bob Purdy

“I have paddled a lot of boards since I discovered SUP in 2007. In 2011 I started Paddle for the Planet and began a journey to paddle every day of the year, and after 2107 days I know what makes a good board. Tahoe Sup are the best combination of quality, performance and fun I have found, they come highly recommended by me!” – Bob Purdy

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