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Lake Tahoe, the Standup Paddling mecca

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Lake Tahoe is a place like no other.  The air is as crisp and fresh like the melting snow that gushes into the lake from the lofty peaks that cradle it. The smell of pine permeates and ignites the power of memory when I visit, stronger than the visuals. And the visuals make your eyes pop out of your head.

Peace is plentiful out on the water this time of year and the locals will let you know that the shoulder seasons are the best margins to dwell in. The occasional last blast of winter storms are customary through May and keeps the levels of boat traffic to a minimum and the lake at all time buttery conditions frequently. With the type of epic winter here this past season a favorite pastime is to hit the hill for spring snow conditions in the morning and be out on the water paddling by noon.

Best selling board around Lake Tahoe

 It’s also a place to identify your limits and if you choose, wage war against them and create new ones.   The Standup Paddling community around Lake Tahoe is notoriously rugged and deeply committed.  Visiting paddlers, myself now being one, can often fall prey to the local interpretation of “warmer” conditions and bite off paddling excursions that set your return after the sun sets.  Temps drop fast in the Sierra. And the water you are paddling on was snow like 10 minutes ago. Of course, its all relative for them, many who grab every opportunity for sunny and calm days to hit the water year round and a couple who don’t mind paddling while it snows.

Grab your board and go!

Lake Tahoe is a mecca of outdoor sports and adventure and has easily welcomed Standup Paddle Boarding to the mix. Many would say it is the best stand up paddle board destination in the world for flat water touring. No argument here. The amazing water clarity is best seen from the standing position.  Having a perspective from above the water surface on a glassy day feels like you are floating on air. 

SUP on Lake Tahoe really changed the game as it quickly became a destination for paddle board enthusiasts far and wide. Industry magazines carried the jaw dropping images of paddling on the lake, produced by the original touring paddle board brand, Tahoe SUP.  What a perfect balance of place and product!  Innovative board shapes with organic graphics, made specifically to increase efficiency for exploring stretches of water like Lake Tahoe.    

Best SUP trips on Lake Tahoe 

I was lucky enough to catch a couple warm days for these pics this spring during a week that saw snowfall on the weekends on both ends.

~Ronnie Ayres 


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