Paddle Board fashion gets a major makeover with High Heels adventure

Paddle Board /Paddleboard fashion gets a major makeover

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A fun loving group of ladies in North Texas get a heel up on paddle boarding

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A 2015 YouTube video featuring the professional French surfer Maud Le Car, surfing in significanly high heels served as an inspiration to a group of ladies in the middle of Texas.  After spotting the video they were inspired by the portrayal of feminine strength, beauty and grace.

Juliet Urushima, owner of Bluet SUP, a rental and instruction operation in Argyle, Texas said it went down like this:

“I figured if she can surf waves like that, we could easily stand up paddle board in heels on flatwater! Hence, our first annual SUP in Heels was born.  That first year, three of us got together and paddled a couple of miles with our heels on and just had the best time ever.”

Stand Up Paddling Heels into the Mainstream

The increasing popularity of the sport of SUP has heralded some to call it the fastest growing watersport in the world.  What is certain is that paddlers have a “new normal” approach to the use of the boards in daily life.  Taking the dog for sup, spending family time on the boards, taking overnight camping trips, yoga and traveling with boards can be seen everywhere.  

Now with the second annual SUP in Heels in the books, the fun is getting contagious.

“We had a few more girls show up to pay homage to Maud le Car!” said Urushima. “A fine example of a bunch of Texas girls having a good time! I love the sport of SUP, getting together and heading out on group paddles. In my experience, the people involved in paddle boarding is a big family that welcomes others to try it out.  I love helping folks to get started paddling.  My board is always on my car and for us, its where we go to chat, catch up with friends get a workout, its just a healthy lifestyle”

Best board to take to a disco party: Tahoe SUP Zephyr

Tahoe sup, sup, paddle board, paddle, heels, texasTahoe sup, sup, paddle board, paddle, heels, texas

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