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Chasing Fall Colors in Northern Michigan

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Ambassadors Joe Lorenz, Kwin Morris and his wife Megan have been out chasing adventure and fall colors around their home turf in Northern Michigan.  As the founders of Stand Up for Great Lakes, a non profit focused on raising awareness about the water quality of the lakes, they take their boards everywhere they go.

The crew loves to mix up their activities and spend time in the outdoors with friends. Taking to the trails for hiking and biking, they capture the essence of their environment.

We are so lucky to live where we do! Having the accessibility to find such secluded areas and being able to enjoy the great outdoors that we live in.

-Megan Morris

Standup Paddling has been become an integral part of outdoor loving people’s way to explore. The rapidly growing sport has its roots in the surfing lifestyle.  But it has been the application to the flatwater, inland waterways that has made it so popular.

Outdoor enthusiasts far and wide list the ease of transporting paddle boards, the perspective gained from standing while paddling and the rewarding physical benefits of the sport for why SUP is found on every body of water.

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The culture of paddling also draws a like minded community.  Paddle clubs and social outings abound. Find your local paddle shop and you will meet people with a deep passion for the sport who are eager to help get beginners on the water. There is an energy and ground swell around paddle boarding. Converting the bucket list, summer time board renter into year round paddlers. Motivating people to seek a healthier lifestyle. And inspiring some to bring attention to issues that threaten the natural world and preserving the beauty they enjoy for future generations.

Standup Paddling is a pure and exciting form of aquatic recreation with different styles and board sizes to accommodate everyone.

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