Expedition Florida 500: Key West and Beyond edition

Expedition Florida 500: Key West and beyond

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Tahoe SUP founder, Nate Brouwer, recently joined up with Justin Riney on the Expedition Florida 500. This segment takes the XF500 crew paddling through some of the expedition, florida, tahoe, tahoe sup, sup, paddlesouthernmost Florida Keys.

 His visit was appropriately kicked off with an Ocean Hour cleanup, launching from the Lazy Dog SUP rental in Key West.  Ocean Hour is an international movement to inspire ocean lovers everywhere. The goal is to spend one hour every Saturday, keeping aquatic environments clean of trash.  Riney’s non-profit, Mother Ocean, is the driving force behind both Ocean Hour and the Expedition Florida 500.

Delivering a Freshie

Brouwer arrived bearing a crisp new XF500 signature model Tahoe SUP for Riney to refresh the one he had been literally living on for over 100 days.  Riney and Brouwer also announced that one lucky follower of the Expedition Florida 500 will win a brand new XF500 Tahoe SUP, the exact board that has been transporting Riney on the yearlong tour of Florida’s waterways.  Learn how to have a chance to win on the Expedition Florida 500 facebook page.

expedition, florida, tahoe, tahoe sup, sup, paddleThe two were joined by XF500 partner, Gabriel Gray, and with the help of Mellow Ventures Key West Eco Tours, the crew were shuttled out to the Marquesas Keys. For a couple of days, Brouwer got a glimpse of not only the beauty of the Florida and Riney’s passion for preserving it, but the challenges he faces everyday living off a standup paddle board while coordinating an undertaking of this magnitude.

Ben North of Thunderfish Productions was on hand to capture video for a profile piece on Riney and XF500.

We caught up with Brouwer just when he returned, still not fully recovered from a reaction to being swarmed by biting midges, that landed him in Urgent Care!

Well, how was it?

“We started off with the cleanup, paddled out to the fort and met the mayor of Key West.  A real day in the life

expedition, florida, tahoe, tahoe sup, sup, paddleof Justin Riney! He works tirelessly for the cause of raising awareness of the fragility of Florida’s waters.”

“Paddling in the Keys was amazing.  The water clarity is beautiful, lots of marine life, a ton of rays, black tip sharks, nurse sharks, bottle nose dolphin,  barracuda. They speared Hogfish for dinner which was delicious grilled over the campfire. The best tasting fish ever!”

“It is so impressive what Justin is doing.  He is so in tune with the environment and his outdoor skills are always switched on.  I am honored to experience what they are enduring and to be in support of Expedition Florida 500.  He is organizing the cleanups, keeping contact with the media, an incredible effort all the way around.”

“We hope the video will capture some of what Justin and Gabe are doing. And that it will inspire others to do their part and get involved locally.”

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  • gabriel

    It was a blast and some great memories!

  • Frances Gray

    Florida is blessed to have Justin looking out for our pristine waters. So glad you got to experience the Keys with Justin, Gabriel (our son) and others…..the adventure online makes everyone feel a part of the expedition and does make everyone aware of how important our waters are..

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