Winter paddle on the Detroit River | Tahoe SUP

Winter paddle on the Detroit River

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Courtney and John discovered the convenience and ease of traveling with our inflatable Alpine Explorer paddle boards.  And when they did, it opened a whole can of possibilities for exploring their favorite places with a new perspective.

On a recent trip to Michigan they seized the opportunity to share some time together on the water.  The results are unforgettable, surreal memories of that day paddling and some jaw dropping pictures. For a full gallery of images from their day, visit their blog, Court & John

Warm Hearts on a Cold Day

‘Hey, would you be down to SUP the Detroit River? It’s basically frozen.’ — Was my text to John a week before our flight. That night our extra baggage tickets were purchased for our inflatable Tahoe SUP paddle boards, and the following week we made our way to Michigan.

It was 19 degrees and 7am as we pulled into Belle Isle for the first time. Calm water called to us, but we soon realized there was no place to launch into. With a will stronger than the thinning ice, we sat our boards on top of the ice and started chipping away using our paddles and weight to break ourselves our own path.

Huge thank you to Connor Gagne, for these amazing images of our paddle excursion in Detroit!

*It’s important to note that this trip was potentially dangerous and we do not recommend imitation. Cold water gear and protection is important and you should always know the conditions.  While our photos look fun and adventurous, we paddled very carefully, close to shore our entire time and took measures to not fall in. The Police Harbor Patrol boat was also within 200 meters of us at all times.

Courtney and John have already began planning the next adventure with their Tahoe SUP stand up paddle boards.  Were gonna bet it’s a little warmer location than this one!

tahoe sup, paddle board, stand up paddle, sup

tahoe sup, paddle board, stand up paddle, sup

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