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A Stand up Guy takes a knee and gets the girl.

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Here at Tahoe SUP, we enjoy sharing the notion that adventure can start in your own backyard.  And we really enjoy seeing people defining that very notion, especially when our boards are the catalyst of endless possibilities.

Stacey Calkins was a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding last weekend and the reception was being held,literally, in Stacey’s backyard on the Spokane River in Washington.  Exciting enough, right?  Unbeknown to Stacey was that her boyfriend, Gary Quimby,  had some plans of his own when he suggested the two take a little paddle on their Tahoe SUP Zephyr’s during the reception.

No big deal, as the  couple hits the water behind their house almost daily and, minus the fancy attire and 100 guests, it would just be another serene sunset viewed from the standup paddleboards.  But when Gary went down on one knee it wasn’t because he lost his balance, it was because he found it!   He was proposing to Stacey. (yes, he had previously received the blessing of the new bride)

“I thought, Oh my! He is proposing to me, I better turn this board around and paddle over to him!”, beams Stacey.  “It was such a sweet moment and I am so impressed that he chose to ask me to marry him doing something we both love to do.  Of course I said YES!”

“When Stacey said yes to me, I did a back flip off the board, phone, keys and all in my pocket!” said Gary.  “A very small sacrifice for getting to spend the rest of my life
with Stacey.”




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  • Diane

    I was blessed to know these lovely people in high school and be present as they being their next adventure together. It definitely tops the “WOW” factor of proposals and wedding antics. Can’t wait to see what they do at THEIR wedding!
    Looking into a SUP for myself now. Too much fun to be sitting on the banks of the river.

  • Diane


  • Laurie

    Outstanding! Will the wedding take place on a SUP board too? Congratulations Stacey and Gary!!

  • Stacey&Gary

    Thank you everyone! @Laurie, although we wont be getting married on our boards we do have something special planned that involves the Tahoe SUP and their boards if all goes as planned!

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