Live Video of Ocean Rescue by Off Duty Lifeguard and Tahoe SUP ambassador

The ocean is a majestic, powerful and ever changing element, full of beauty and wonder.  We find peace in its calmness and can be humbled by the energy and strength it can display. Living near [...]


“How to SUP with Your Pup” offers guide to paddle board fun with your dog

From the beginning, the creation of Tahoe SUP was fueled by a desire to paddle board with a dog.  Founder Nate Brouwer searched in vain to find a board with ample volume and glide to do so. His [...]


Taking paddle boarding on a deeper journey into Yoga.

Tahoe SUP ambassador Laurie Guthrie writes about her expansion into paddle boarding’s quickly growing Yoga segment. Why I Love SUP Yoga by Laurie Guthrie I would be lying if I said I fell [...]


Paddle Board fashion gets a major makeover

A fun loving group of ladies in North Texas get a heel up on paddle boarding A 2015 YouTube video featuring the professional French surfer Maud Le Car, surfing in significanly high heels served [...]


8th Graders Plan Awareness Raising Paddle for the Great Lakes

We are proud to support the grass roots, non-profit, Stand Up For Great Lakes in spreading the word about their work to increase awareness of the challenges that face the Great Lakes.  They are [...]


Winter paddle on the Detroit River

Courtney and John discovered the convenience and ease of traveling with our inflatable Alpine Explorer paddle boards.  And when they did, it opened a whole can of possibilities for exploring [...]